Programmi e testatori di collaudo

Test programs

Eldig develops test programs for its own equipment (AFT, Vision, etc.) and for automatic programmable equipment.

Underfixtures e Fixtures

A fixture comprises two main parts: a base (the underfixture) and a specialist part (the actual fixture or jig). Eldig has recently launched its new line of own-brand fixtures that embody all the advances in technology made in its 30 years of experience.

Courses and consulting services

With its long-term industry experience, Eldig holds courses to share its know-how on board testability, project methodologies, functional tests, etc.

Courses, programs and test fixtures

Eldig testing has thirty years’ of experience in the testing industry.
Our technicians can identify the actual testability of an electronic board and produce tests for individual components or the entire plate.

Board testability means the possibility of accessing and testing each component, without tampering with the board; this procedure can only be carried out using in-circuit testing equipment.

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