Engeenering e progetti speciali

Control of machinery

Eldig develops efficient systems for the automatic detection of production, to monitor the productivity of machines and manage lots, using graphic software and production reports.

Logistics and handling

Eldig can provide turnkey systems for production, for a wide variety of applications, such as automatic weighing or labelling, warehouse management, item packing and transport, etc.


Eldig testing has proprietary software for company access identification. Eldig can also develop logistics, automation and handling systems to customer specifications, including automatic weighing and labelling systems, control systems for roller and belt transport and machine operating control, all combined with artificial vision systems.

In this context, Eldig provides top-quality, customised installation and after-sales services at competitive prices.

Attendance recording

The RIL01 attendance recording system works with magnetic badges or proximity cards (RFID) and connection to a personal computer for data processing. With this system which can control access, door opening, gate opening and car parks, customers can monitor company entry and exit movements.

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