About Eldig Testing

Eldig expands beyond ATE

ELDIG testing srl is a leading company in the design and development of equipment for testing electronic boards in the Automatic Test Equipment industry, where it has been operating for more than thirty years, delivering high professional standards and prompt solutions.

ELDIG testing was established on 14 March 1980 as a software and testing house, dealing with the development of equipment and software for Olivetti-Tecnost ICT80 in-circuit testing systems and for the Olivetti-Tecnost MIT repair system. Over the years, in-circuit and functional activities have expanded on FLUKE 9010/9100 and TERADYNE L200 systems, with LASAR, ZENTHEL 1800 and FPA100 simulators.

As a consolidated business, Eldig has expanded beyond ATE, proposing innovative, customised solutions for a wide range of customer issues, focussing on logistics and handling, with automatic weighing and labelling systems, roller and belt transport control, artificial vision systems, fire detection systems and serial line enabling, etc.
In the 2000’s, it developed its own, Eldig-brand testing machines for functional testing to optical inspections, all with an excellent quality/price ratio and intended for a wide range of applications.

Eldig also specialises in detection and access control systems, offering quality at affordable prices. Eldig’s customer portfolio includes partnerships over the years with major Italian and international companies, such as Scott, Pirelli, Kraft (Fattorie Osella and Invernizzi), Saipo L’Oréal, SIT La Precisa and SIT Controls, Urmet, ST Microelectronics and Alstom, to name a few.

Eldig has kept its headquarters in the province of Biella, while changing premises over the years. It is currently located in Verrone, Strada Trossi, 21.