Over the years, we have worked with:

Alstom - ATE
Bizerba - Weighing and labelling systems
BTSR (Best Technologies Study & Research) - ATE
CIODUE - Serial line extinguishing systems - Train extinguishing systems
Comelit Group - ATE
Corazzi Fibre - Non-fabric card feeding control
CTS Cashpro - ATE
Custom Engineering - ATE
Dinema - ATE
Domotec - Security systems
ECS (Electronic Customers Satisfaction) - ATE
Elem (Viasat Group) - ATE
Eletech (Elemaster Group) -
Fattorie Osella (Kraft) - Labelling and weighing systems
Ferrovie dello Stato - ATE
Finder - ATE
GDS (Global Display Solutions) - ATE
GELCO (General Electronic Company) - ATE
Idea Elettronica - ATE
Indesit - Computer/cash register connection
Invernizzi (Kraft) - Labelling and weighing systems
Italtel - ATE
Kraft General Food - Labelling and weighing systems
Kimberly Clark/Scott - Data collection and control of palleting lines with host connection
L.C. Relco - ATE
Liabel - Weighing system and data management with bar codes
Magna Electronics - ATE
Merloni - ATE
Niggeler & Kupfer - Labelling, shipping and handling management
Nokia - ATE
Olivetti - ATE
OVA G.Bargellini&C. - ATE
Pirelli - Special Projects
Saipo L’Oréal - Weighting systems
SATAP - Interconnessione caselli autostrada TORINO-PIACENZA a Host
Scott/Kimberly Clark - Data collection and palleting line control with Seica host
connection - ATE
Silentron - ATE
Sit Controls - ATE
Sit La Precisa - ATE
Solari di Udine - ATE
STMicroelectronics - ATE
Tecnost - ATE
Thermowatt - ATE
Urmet - ATE
VETR.I. (Saint-Gobain Group) - Data collection, quality control

… and many others…

We look forward to working with you!