Eldig can provide turnkey systems for production, for a wide variety of applications, such as automatic weighing or labelling, warehouse management, item packing and transport, etc.


Eldig provides a wide range of solutions for logistics and industrial handling; some possible applications are given below:

  • Interface with robotic systems for item packing and transport. The item to weigh may be manually or automatically placed on the scales. In the second case, transport systems (rollers or power driven belts), operated by PLC, convey the item to the scales and stop the system, in order for weighing to be carried out. After the weight is received, the automatic weighing software re-starts handling, by PLC closed contact or in serial mode.
  • Connection to scales by Personal Computer to automatically acquire the weight. Over the years, we have designed interface protocols for a wide range of industrial scales, to receive the weight of the item, to identify whether it is stable, below a minimum value, if the scales are set to zero, etc.
  • Screenshots with typical material data (lot, batch, customer, item, etc.). The item to weigh contains material with specific characteristics, already in the computer system and used in weighing to issue the label to apply to the item. This information is typically displayed by the automatic weighing software, for the operator to check data and to make any changes (balance items, particular boxes, etc.).
  • Possibility to acquire data with bar code readers. We have developed fully automatic systems that require no operator monitoring. In this case, the item is identified during input using labels with bar codes read automatically by a laser scanner when the item moves over the scales.
  • Issue of the label with automatic labellers. With systems that are automatic or require careful label application, we install automatic applicators that pick the label from the printer, already peeled off, and apply it in the same position on the item. We can supply air jet applicators, if glue application from electropneumatic pistons is not required. The automatic weighing software programmes the label, while application is controlled with a direct interface with the handling PLC.
  • Issue of the label with normal printers and manual application. In the case of more economic systems, with no speed or particular precision requirements, manual detachment and relative application of the label is sufficient.
  • Issue of the label with ink jet directly on the item. In automatic systems that require high speeds, we install ink jet printers that directly print the label onto the moving item (typically boxes), for considerable time savings.
  • Print out of documents for dispatch. Data of each weighed item are saved. The automatic weighing software can issue a dispatch list, on the same computer or on the network, after selecting the weighed items to dispatch and after dispatch preparation operations.
  • Programmes for stock management by article, lot, etc. Analysis, i.e. stock management, is available for stored weighing data.
  • Production statistics programmes (by dates, article, customer, etc.). As in the case of warehouse/stock management, is it also possible to request production information by period, article, batch, lot, customer, etc., according to the particular needs of each customer.
  • Possibility to automatically transfer data to accounting systems. In more complex systems, the weighing station is connected online to the company’s data processing system. In many cases, mainframe or minicomputer systems, with UNIX, LINUX, etc. operating platforms, are used for data processing. In this case, the interface with the management system must be designed with the CED manager, and the automatic weighing software will produce the record for each weighing and the relative dispatch.


Labelling comprises different options:

  • Thermal transfer printing
  • Thermal label printing
  • Automatic/manual application
  • Automatic air jet application
  • Direct ink jet printing on the item
  • Different size labels
  • Standard printer with self-adhesive labels

Printing comprises the following options:

  • Texts with any type of rotation or size
  • Logos, bar codes, graphics
  • The issue of transport documents, delivery lists etc. can be planned.

Eldig application software can also produce reports, including:

  • Warehouse stock reports by batch, title, etc.
  • Production reports
  • Production reports by batch
  • Production reports by title
  • Dispatch reports by customer
  • Dispatch reports by recipient
  • Dispatch reports by batch
  • Various reports on request