A new feature for EV: COLOUR SPECTRUM measurements

The Eldig VISION artificial vision system features a new function, whilst keeping all the ease-of-use of AFT operating system programming.

The screenshot with colour test parameters, now displays the “Color Spectrum” test on the right (see the figure below).
After the image test area has been defined, the percentage values for each base colour are measured on a self-learning basis.
The “quantity” of each of these colours can therefore be measured, and based on established tolerance values, the test will be a “PASS” or “FAIL”.

The following parameters are present for each base colour:

  • Ref. Value - Reference value self-learnt from a sample device
  • Tol. Max - Tol. Min - Measurement tolerance values
  • Check - One or more values may be checked, as required
  • Last Value - Value measured on the device being tested

A total weighed value may also be considered, defined as a ColorMatch, which may be enabled or not, indicating a minimum acceptable value (min. Score). The detected score ranges from 1 to 1000.

Usual colour testing functions stay the same, so the individual RGB / HSL / etc., may be examined as the mean value and distribution.

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