ELDIG testing

ELDIG testing srl is a leading company in the design and development of equipment for testing electronic boards in the ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) industry, where it has been operating for more than thirty years, delivering high professional standards and prompt solutions.
Eldig is also active in the field of automation, logistics and industrial handling, offering quality products at prices that are also affordable for small-scale production companies. Eldig’s customer portfolio includes partnerships over the years with major Italian and international companies.


ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) refers to all automatic testing systems, i.e. devices used to test electronic boards or any production output in automatic mode.

Eldig testing has thirty years’ experience in the testing industry and can test individual components or entire plates; it also develops fixtures and underfixtures, i.e. support structures for testing electronic boards, catering to all customer needs. With its long-term industry experience, Eldig also holds courses for the sharing of its know-how.

Besides ATE and testing programs, Eldig Testing offers its customers an extensive range of solutions for automation and industrial handling, from detection systems to automatic weighing and labelling, access control and roller and belt transport.

Featured products


The AFT, with its digital and analog versions, is a highly versatile, modular system for the functional testing of any type of equipment or electronic board.


Eldig Vision meets two fundamental needs: testing for components assembled on electronic boards and combining this with functional testing.